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Orange Venetian

1st batch all bottled, off to see the dancing munchkin

Whew, it's been a hectic day. I had to deal with the long unpleasent ordeal of replacing my lost license. I managed to bottle the rest of the spice mixes during a brief interlude. The yeild was interesting.

LXXIII. Specie fine a tute cosse / LXXIII Fine spices for all dishes (things)
1 oz. pepper, 1 oz. cinnamon, 1 oz. ginger, 1/8 oz. cloves, and 1/4 oz. saffron
12 1/2 bottles

LXXIV. Specie dolce per assay cosse bone e fine / LXXIV Sweet spices, enough for many good and fine things
1/4 oz. cloves,1 oz. "good" ginger, 1 oz. "soft or sweet"cinnamon, 1 oz. Indian bay leaves
9 1/2 bottles

LXXV. Specie negre e forte per assay savore/ LXXV Black and strong spices for many sauces
1/8 oz. cloves, 2 oz. pepper, 2 oz. long pepper, 2 oz. nutmeg
19 1/2 bottles

Here are some gratuitous images:

I'm also still working on how to process the booklet of documentation and will meet up with fittzwm sometime tomorrow to work on possibly hand binding some. I got a bid from the UW print shop, and if I were to do 20 copies how I originally envisioned them it would be around $60+. I'd like to bind some in a really nice and sturdy way, but for donating in bulk as largess I'm going to need to find a more cost effective method.

In just a few moments I'm going to scurry off to dress for the evening performance of the nutcracker, featuring my favorite little ballerina. I've gotten a dozen roses for her at the end of the performance, as I remember how incredibly special that was when I was performing at her age.


These are SO COOL!.. I've been reading all your entries about making them and I'm so very impressed!
Thank you! I've enjoyed the experience. The last piece I've been working on is a little booklet of information and recipes to go with it. :)

I'm thinking about doing little bitty books bound in a coptic style.