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Orange Venetian

Images from this weekend's Zestfest '09

 I the beginning, there was orange. Eventually we got better at keeping the lines closer, but in the beginning we just went round twice. It was fun trying to get it all in one long strip.The pile o' oranges.  Krazyfiberkat's mad zesting skills!Garlic!! x5 lb.How I make bread crumbs for sauces- I take plain white bread (pretty much the only time I buy it), remove the crusts then run it through the food processor. I've found the cans of bread crumbs you can get at the store to add a somewhat gritty texture to the sauces that I don't like.  


Boy, that was a much brighter way of zesting the oranges then we were trying. Go us!
Yup, I'm still not sure how other people do it (I need to see if I can pick Eduardo's brain when he gets home from Vegas), but this is a much, much easier way to do it. I found this tool that is a combination zester and peelmaker, so I bought three thinking that we'd have oodles of people.

I think I still have one unopened, want it for a belated 12th night prezzy? The candied orange peels did turn out really, really nice and it is definatly a vegan dessert.
oooh sure:D I'd love one.
I cut the oranges into quarters, pull the flesh off each piece, then cut each piece of peel in half again. Then I use a very sharp knife to cut off as much of the pith as I can get. Finally I cut each piece into narrow strips.
That's actually the way I had been doing it! That's awesome. :) I've got some of each kind now and I'm sure this won't be the last time I make it.

I don't suppose you'll be coming up for Ursulmas? I could try to talk you into taste testing some of each. :)
No, I can't make it to Ursulmas, but someday we should do a taste-off!
Sweet!! I definately want to get together sometime and have a foodie play date. ;)
The oranges look cool with their circles! I'm looking forward to the candied peels.
I think they've turned out really well- I'm just trying to figure out what a serving size is for candied orange peels. :)

I've already got the candied fennel seeds too, and will be making candied almonds in anvance as well.